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Did you know...?

Japanese language teacher Sari Kondo has created a guide that introduces useful Japanese phrases for vegetarians/vegans. If you are not sure how to say "I don't eat meat" or "I'm vegan" in Japanese, this page will be a great help. Also, you could ask Ms. Kondo, an expert of teaching Japanese, if she is available for your Japanese lesson. Japanese Lessons "IPPOIPPO" (English/Japanese) (05/07/06)

IMURAYA confectionery co., Ltd., has started a JiAi web shop selling animal-free products including vegetarian soup stock and rice milk. Both of them carry a VEGAN label. (Japanese) (04/17/05)

Kanebo FOODS, Ltd., starts selling soy ice cream, I-Veggie. They have four variations of maple syrup, strawberry, black sesame, and rum fig. In Tokyo, some major supermarket chains like Queen's Isetan or Tokyu store have I-Veggie. To search where you can find it, please check (only in Japanese) or call Kanebo Foods' customer center, 03-5446-3680. (12/31/04)

Want your dog eat vegetarian? SANKYO LIFETECH Co. Ltd. now sells dog food without animal protein. "Doctor's Care for Dogs Aminoprotect Care" is designed for dogs that are allergic to regular foods. You can buy it at RAKUTEN's shopping page, Japanese) or call 03-3814-2749(SANKYO LIFETECH's customer service). (12/31/04)

Note: SANKYO Lifetech says they do animal testings in the process of creating their products in limited areas. For the details, please read (in Japanese). (1/10/05)

GINREI, a bread maker in FUKUSHIMA, a northern area of Japan, now sells SHINPURU, mineral-rich bread without eggs, dairy, and soy. In Tokyo, you may see their products in DAIMARU PEACOK supermarkets. For more information, call GINREI, 024-557-0341 (Japanese only, perhaps), or ask your nearest PEACOK store. (10/15/03)

If you love tempeh, go to DAIEI supermarkets to find KUME NATTO's
products. INAGEYA, SEIFU and other supermarkets in KANTO area sell the tempeh, too. For more information, call 0120-37-7101(toll-free. Japanese may be preferable). (Japanese) (10/15/03)

SHINSHIN YVES, now sells Yves' veggie products, very popular in the
north America, in Japan. The label is named as VEGGIE KITCHEN, and major supermarket chains like DAIEI or SEIYU are the distributors. For more information, call 03-5825-8572 (Japanese may be preferable). (10/15/03)

Online catalog health/organic food shop
Kansai Consumers Club now delivers health/organic foods to nearly everywhere in Japan. Their online catalog includes seitan, veggie meat, hemp goods, and macrobiotic items. Scroll down, passing all meat/fish sections, to find veggie products. (5/8/03)

Animal/chemical-free miso soup
For anyone who feel frustrated that Japanese food always contains fish extract, KANESA Co. Ltd., a soy product company, has started selling instant vegan miso soup. Now, wherever you are, you can enjoy animal/chemical-free miso soup without cooking from scratch. Let's go check (9/27/2002)

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