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Upcoming Event

October 10, Thursday, 11AM at MIZUTANIBASHI park (Ginza 1-12)

A Japanese animal rights network "STOP ANIMAL TEST! CAMPAIGN" is holding a peace walk to voice against animal testings for cosmetics and toiletries.

You can join them on October 10, Thursday, 11AM, at MIZUTANIBASHI park (Ginza 1-12).

It will take two hours and you are welcome to appeal on your way, like holding a handmade card.

If you can't attend the walking, you still have some things you can help animals.
For example,

1) To support their activities, you can donate your money to Stop Animal Test! Campaign office's postal account, 00100-6-30109.
2) Sign your name (only if you reside in Japan) on
The paper will be submitted to Japan's National Diet to promote the law that prohibits animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries.

For the details, call 03-3770-0539 (phone) or e-mail
You can also check their web site, (English).

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