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Hiroko Kato
Freelance Journalist

Web site: www.vegietokyo.com

Born in Tokyo in 1970, Hiroko Kato pursued a career in journalism since she experienced the editor-in-chief in the school newspaper through junior high and high schools. In Waseda University, Hiroko was the editor-in-chief in school English paper, The Waseda Guardian. After graduating with a degree of Political Science, Hiroko worked as an editorial staff at LEE, a life style magazine published by Shueisha Co., which is one of the biggest publishing companies in Japan. Hiroko edited and wrote all around topics including celebrities' interviews, travels, food and health, ecology, product reviews, music reviews, and so on.

In 1999, Hiroko became freelance and moved to the U.S. Hiroko worked for The Vegetarian Resource Group (Baltimore, MD), a national non-profit organization. At VRG, Hiroko wrote articles about vegetarianism and Japanese food culture for The Vegetarian Journal, as well as assisted VRG's activities by attending several exhibitions such as Natural Products Expo., and BookExpo America.

In the meantime, Hiroko launched the project of her book, "SUSHI Please!" It took three years to do the research on growing sushi movement in the U.S. and Hiroko visited more than fifty American sushi restaurants.

In October 1999, Hiroko came back to Japan and published her first book on convenience store food's recipes. From 2000 to 2001, Hiroko traveled around South East Asia and coordinated to publish a couple of books on gorgeous resort hotels and historical colonial hotels.

In 2002, Hiroko will be publishing three books including "SUSHI Please!" Hiroko regularly contributes articles to The Vegetarian Journal and other publications.

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