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Animal rights group SASA Japan now call for sign on the petition regarding animal protection for the Japanese government. They say that companion animals are often abused, neglected and killed in Japan and there are no laws that sufficiently protect the lives of companion animals. We strongly hope that companion animals no longer become the victims of such conducts. file) file) (5/7/06)
New entries to Tokyo Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant Guide: Nirvanam (Kamiyacho), Deva Deva Cafe (Kichijoji), GAYA (Aoyama), and Alla Cucina del Sole (Sendagaya/Yoyogi). Updates on Govinda's and Healthy Kan. (5/7/06)
A new entry to Links: Tokyo Hotel & Travel Guide (5/7/06)
A new entry to Shopping Guide for Vegetarians : TRANSGLOBE (100 % natural vegan soap)(5/7/06)
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Japanese language teacher Sari Kondo has created a guide that introduces useful Japanese phrases for vegetarians/vegans. If you are not sure how to say "I don't eat meat" or "I'm vegan" in Japanese, this page will be a great help. Also, you could ask Ms. Kondo, an expert of teaching Japanese, if she is available for your Japanese lesson. Japanese Lessons "IPPOIPPO" (English/Japanese) (05/07/06)

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Tokyo Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant Guide (updated: 5/7/06)
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Diary: Living in Tokyo as a Semi-Vegan (updated: 7/12/02)

Recommended Readings Written in Japanese (updated: 4/20/02)

- I wonder if it is easy to eat vegetarian way in Japan.
- Is it easy to order in English in Japanese restaurants?

Articles about Vegetarianism written by Hiroko Kato
- Japanese Vegan Foods Found in Oriental or Natural Food Stores
- How to Eat at a Japanese Restaurant the Vegan Way
(written for Vegetarian Journal)
- A Vegan Wedding (Special to The Daily Yomiuri)
- The Zen of Shojin Cuisine (Special to The Daily Yomiuri)
- Vegan Japanese Noodle Dishes
(written for Vegetarian Journal)

Online Vegetarian/Vegan Handouts in English & Japanese
(by The Vegetarian Resource Group) (added: 4/4/02)
To explain from vegetarianism to animal rights to your Japanese friends.

Shopping Guide for Vegetarians (updated: 5/7/06)

Good News & Good News (updated: 5/7/06)

Links for Vegetarians (updated: 03/19/03)

With the flood of everyday reports on Palestine/Israeli conflicts, we can't stop saying, "That's really the limit." Yesh Gvul, a support group for soldiers who refuse assignments of a repressive or aggressive nature, is saying the same thing. (The group's name stands for "There is a limit !") As a believer of non-violence, a vegetarian/vegan or all who alike could do something to end this circle of violence. For example, you can start from or visit Yesh Gvul, (3/26/03)

JAPANZINE, a fertile source of life in Japan, has listed in the best Japan-related website 2005.

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HIROKO KATO is a freelance journalist based in Tokyo. She lives with her computer nerd husband and a newborn baby boy (that's why she can't update this site lately). HIROKO has an experience of living with vegan advocates in Baltimore for six months. (3/8/03)

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(updated: 10/16/05)

- About "American Food Culture:
They Are What They Eat"
- About "Substitute for Stir-Frying"
- About "Sushi, Please!" (Japanese)

- Soy Milk Gets A New Lease on Life
(English, Special to The Daily Yomiuri)

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